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We produce great ideas and build new world

Sara Kalantary and Reza Sayadian are practicing architects who founded TDC Office in 2002.

What differentiates them is the answers they give to the world around them, and a humble view, yet critical is easily traced in their works. Such view can be observed in numerous projects where unique solutions are rendered compared to typical methods of design and construction.

Respect for human being and habitat, and a constant search for finding appropriate ideas, are based on the fact that creating a world full of unique recommendations can alter people’s deduction towards possible phenomena.

For them, Architecture is a dynamic phenomenon. They look at it as part of the city so that it can create memories. Dynamic presence of human in the city and home, as well as the flow of life in them are the most invaluable part of creating a space which insinuate that architecture is the way to embrace the world.

Sarah and Reza’s works, with their unique approach and ideas, have managed to win several international as well as national awards. Students as well as university professors have also taken notice of their work, both inside and outside the country. Such occurrences have resulted in their works being published in many authentic books and magazines all around the world.

سارا کلانتری و رضا صیادیان در سال دو هزار و دو با تاسیس دفتر معماری تداوم پویا همکاری و فعالیت خود را در حوزه عملی معماری آغاز کردند.

رویکرد متفاوت آنها در پاسخ هایی است که به جهان پیرامون خود می دهند و نگاهی انسان گونه و در عین حال انتقادی در آثار آنها دنبال می شود.رد پای این نگاه انتقادی را می توان در چندین پروژه که نسبت به متداول ترین گونه های طراحی و ساخت،راه حل های متفاوت ارائه داده است دنبال کرد.احترام به انسان ، بوم و بستر و جستجوی مداوم در پی یافتن ایده هایی مناسب، بر پایه این باور است که خلق جهانی سرشار از ایده های ناب می تواند برداشت مردم شهر را نسبت به پدیده های ممکن تغییر دهد.

برای آنها معماری پدیده ای است پویا، آنها به معماری به عنوان بخشی از شهر می نگرند تا بتواند خاطره سازی کند.حضور پویای انسان و جاری شدن زندگی در شهر و خانه با ارزش ترین بخش خلق فضاست، آنچنان که این دو بر این باورند که معماری یعنی شیوه در آغوش کشیدن جهان.

آثار سارا و رضا با نگاه متمایز و ایده های متفاوت برای خلق فضا، موفق به کسب جوایز متعدد داخلی و بین المللی شده و همچنین در دانشگاه های مختلف داخلی و خارجی مورد توجه دانشجویان و اساتید قرار گرفته است،این رویکرد باعث انعکاس آثارشان در مجلات و کتابهای معتبر جهانی نیز شده است.

Our Awards

2018|WIPO|Exterior converage of the building for light and desired privacy control|PCT the international patent system

2021|Domus Magazine|With the title of an apartment building as a response to Tehran’s transformation

2016| Domus Magazine|Episode ||| with the title of Archtecture Meets Nature by Sara Kalantary 7 Reza Sayadian

2018|Honorable mention at world Architecture festival|WAF|Amsterdam

2018|Selected project in Iranian modern & contemporary architecture| Exhibition & Symposium| Japan

2017| The winner of new York’s international Architizer awards | A + AWARD 

2016| Winner of the Chicago International Architecture Award for the best new global design

The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design|IAA

2016| First Place of Asia Architecture Award |Vienna|2AAA|Golden Medal

2015| Selected project 56th for Art Exhibition Biennale di Venezia

2015| Honorable mention Architizer| A+ Award

2012| Honorable mention World Architecture Festival |WAF|Singapore

2012| Winner of the Chicago International Architecture Award for the best new global design

The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design|IAA


–              2018 : Title: CAOI Architects Mistakes

–              2018: Iranian modern & contemporary architecture , Exhibition & Symposium in Tokyo – Japan

–              2018 : Title : architecture and life philosiphy

–              2017: Title : Meeting of modern architects Iran/swiss

–              2015: Title: “Architectural Process”

Construction Organization Engineering and Architects Association of Tonkabon

Mazandaran, Iran

–              2015: Title: “dialog with the City”

Ghasr Garden Museum, Tehran Institute

Tehran, Iran

–              2012: Title: “No Man’s Land”

Azad University of Tehran, South Branch

Tehran, Iran

–              2011: Title: “Architectural Competitions and awards”

Arasbaran Cultural Center

Tehran, Iran


–              A + awards Architizer   : new York-PHAIDON-2017

–              A + awards Architizer   : new York-PHAIDON-2016

–              Monocle Magazine       : issue 92-UK-2016

–              2A, the special issue of 2A Asia Architecture award –no.39- Vienna – UAE-2016

–              2A ,Architecture & Art :Middle Eastern Architecture

–              Architecture & Art        : Resurgent urbanism : The Challenge to Middle Eastern


–              2021:Jury member for Memar Award

–              2015: Jury member for the 4th Iran Best Architect Award

–              2015: Jury member for the 2nd Biennale of the Art & Architecture Magazine

–              2013: Jury member for the First Avandad Company Interior Design Award